The Many Joys of Potpourri

It's like potpourri, but not at all.
It’s like potpourri, but not at all.

Ah yes, the mixture of dried fruits and plants which makes for really weird smells. Potpourri is a confusing beast with many issues. The first problem is the name: how in the bloody hell do you say it? First one has to consider the pronunciation, which is “poe-pour-ree” (NB: it most certainly is not pronounced as “pot-pour-eh”). Next up, one must consider why it exists, as it doesn’t really do anything. It kind of sits in a bowl kicking up a minor stink, but for most people their primary concern is keeping pet cats from eating the stuff. So why is it there?!

We now know, as (believe it or snot) it’s to do with lavatories. We don’t usually cover toilet humour on this blog (or, should that be, bog!?! LOL!) as it’s somewhat predictable humour. Not that we’re prudes, we’ll just stick to watching Bottom if we want to laugh like idiots. The rest of the thyme we simply make the claim Mozart had a childish sense of humour, with many dusty scholars left perplexed by a couple of his scatological compositions. If it was good enough for Mozart, we state, it’s good enough for Professional Moron! This is why we covered Shampoo the other day, and all this leads lovingly to Poo-Pourri. We swear to bejeezus, we aren’t making this up! A company has invented a bathroom spray product which introduces the smell of daises to the environment. Marvellous, eh?

We’re not going to go into details as you can follow the link above, or just stare at the name and make an intelligent deduction. It’s Poo-Pourri, which means it’s poo minus pourri…. which must equal pugs. Perhaps not. What we do know is Poo-Pourri was backed by one of those video advertisement things, which was a smash hit on YouTube (even though the advert is incredibly irritating). It also suggests the tide is turning in the world of toiletry products. No longer is there shame and embarrassment, but a hearty sense of maturely immature understanding of it all. It’s also funny cos it has “poo” in the name!


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