Stop Press: First Donut In Space!

The first donut in space! A proud moment for humanity.

It’s one of those days when we don’t have to think of something to write. Some kind souls went to a lot of trouble to allow us to write 230 words. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Swedish brothers Alexander Jönsson and Benjamin Jönsson (they have the same surname as they are brothers, as aforementioned) attached the donut (probably via glue) to a plastic plank, attached the plank to a weather balloon (normally used for weather purposes) and sent the contraption into the stratosphere from Askim in Norway. Beam me up, snotty!

They did all this on April 9th, 2015. The journey took some 5 hours and took in some 137km. Once the weather balloon gave up on life as it was involved in this daft endeavour, the donut gradually  plummeted back to Earth and beached itself in the sea. The Swedish Sea Rescue Society in Amal went and rescued it from a near certain fate of drowning to death. Which would have been another donut based first.

The brothers ecstatically stated, “We spent many months planning this, and we are happy with the outcome of this project.” They also indicated they had permission to do it, so don’t go thinking you can go and attach some haggis to a weather balloon or what not. You need permission and a credible scientific reason, fools!

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