Pug, Pug Me Do: A Brief History Of The Pug

A pug.

Pugs! What is it about them which is endearing? One could argue they’re the weirdest breed of dogs in existence (yes, even weirder than alligators), with their massive eyes, floppy ears, manic enthusiasm, and scrunched up noses. They’re cute overload and they even fit in your trouser pocket (with a bit of highly unglamorous, potentially RSPCA reported cramming).

There’s a great deal of confusion surrounding where pugs are from. They’re actually half Irish, half Australian. This juxtaposition of nationalities is what causes their faces to be slightly contorted – being dimwitted animals, they think they’re in two continents at once. Thusly, their face is stretched. That’s evolution for you, man. Survival of the stretchiest.

On another note, what do pugs and The Beatles have in common? Well… Ringo kind of looks like a pug. Ish. Plus, when you take one of the girl band’s most famous songs and add a pug based twist, you see where the glorious history of the pug started: in 1962 when Pug Me Do was released.

The lyrics are pretty straight forward:

  • Pug, pug me do.
  • You know I pug you.
  • I’ll always be true. [It is a certified fact pugs always tell the truth]
  • So please, pug me do.
  • [Addendum] Whoa, pug me do.

In the original song it’s believed Paul McCartney (real name Pug McCartney) went into a freestyle 20 minute rap with rampant overuse of “mofo” and other banal profanity. However, he gazed lovingly upon his perfectly pleasant pet pug Pugly and kept the song within its pop niche. Good on the man! To top it all off, The Beatles were (and was) Liverpuglians. It’s a match made in Heaven and Hell!

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