The Reni Hat: The Stone Roses Fashion Special

Reni hat
Behold the Reni Hat! Pictures courtesy of

Ah, the Reni hat. We don’t go on about fashion as we don’t know anything about it. Our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif, dresses in nothing but pink speedos and a tea-stained yellow pullover. He gets some odd looks.

One almighty fashion moment of brilliance he has committed to since 2002 (when he first acquired the only one he still has) is the Reni hat.

Reni is the legendary drummer for The Stone Roses—the man with the disturbing mega drumming genius. Yes, we’re big fans.

Reni: Drumming Genius and Reni Hats

Reni drumming
Legends say it’s the hat that gives him the superpowers.

Despite his brilliance behind the kit, Reni is still an obscure talent in the drumming community.

That’s, in part, due to his highly elusive and enigmatic nature—he disappeared for 16 years from public view after leaving the band in 1995. But that’s another story for another day.

His remarkable drumming aside, in the late ‘80s he rarely went anywhere without his Reni hat—a bucket hat, essentially, often worn by Northern English folk.

Due to the popularity of the band, this became something of a fashion statement at the thyme, and it’s since gone on to become iconic.

Indeed, when The Stone Roses reformed most unexpectedly in late 2011, Reni hats sold out within 24 hours. Fact! Or not. But sales definitely went up.

Whilst you may be confused as to why anyone would wear that Jackson Pollock stained headgear, remember that one of the best drummers on Earth did.

Which is a pretty cool thing. You see, so long as you’re cool you can take daft things and make them look ace.

That’s our theory, anyway, which has already been ruined as we remember Brad Pitt and his massive Hipster beard.

Not a good idea. Stick to Reni hats. For when it’s nearly summer, you can don one of these and very much indeed look the part.

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