The Ongoing Saga of the Wheel of Manchester

Wheel of Manchester
Behold the Wheel of Manchester!

A localised blog post this time as we wonder what the HELL is going to happen to Manchester’s big Wheel, located gloriously in the city centre (known as Piccadilly Gardens… even though there is no garden), and which has fallen gloriously into disuse. It is now Manchester’s most famous tramp as it squats in the city centre.

Manchester’s Wheel of Fortune

We wrote of the Statue of Liability a while ago and that’s what this thing has become – a bloody liability which now resembles a pointless statue. Worse (actually, not worse as it’s quite amusing) a bizarre legal battle between the wheel’s owner and Manchester City Council has sprung up.

Apparently the guy who owns the wheel wants a cool million in fees from the council, who outright want him booted out of the city and the wheel demolished. Although it’s transported many yuppies up to a height of 100ft (or whatever it is) during its years of service, apparently many citizens hate it as much as the council!

We at Professional Moron like the thing. Mr. Wapojif’s current office even overlooks it – what ho, it adds some spice to the rather bland Piccadilly Gardens, you know? In its absence all he’ll be able to see is blood Primark… which will make him want to go and buy really cheap, nasty man shirts and shout at people.

Apparently, at least according to the MEN (that’s Manchester Evening News to you non-Mancs), it was supposed to be dismantled the other day… but it got delayed again. It’s starting to remind us of that Bottom episode where Richie and Eddie get stuck on top of a Ferris wheel. Which is blown up in the morning.

Blood hasn’t been shed over this dispute yet, but as The Wheel sits there inactive gathering dust we can’t help but hope Manchester City Council have a proper team involved to deconstruct the thing. Bunging a nuclear warhead under it and pressing “DETONATE” won’t cut it, you know?

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