Botanicula: Weird and Wonderful Point and Click Adventuring

It’s Botanicula.

We’ve not covered video games in going on a month, so today we’re taking a look at Botanicula by Amanita Design.

This company is a point and click specialist having more recently also foisted on the gaming community the bizarre, but glorious, Samorost 3.


Botanicula was released in 2012 and is now available on Steam, iOS, and Android. It follows the adventures of five botanical creatures:

  1. Mr. Lantern.
  2. Mrs. Mushroom.
  3. Mr. Poppyhead.
  4. Mr. Twig.
  5. Mr. Feather.

All as they attempt to save the last seed of their tree from evil creatures (such as insects).

It’s critically acclaimed and a dollop of indie game magic, so we can recommend it for those of you seeking a charming dip into a surreal world.

Point and click games have a habit of being particularly charming, with the Curse of Monkey Island remaining our outright favourite.

In today’s games industry, where HD graphics and extreme violence make for best-selling games, they’re kind of out of fashion. As a result, titles like Botanicula are only ever destined for cult status.

Despite this, Amanita Design has been critically acclaimed for its achievements to date.

But quirky little numbers such as Botanicula will only appeal to a certain sect of gamers (i.e. ones who are looking for a bit more than blowing crap up in first person shooters). If you like imaginative and unusual stuff, this is for you.

It’s a peculiar little gem (if it has a flaw, it is rather short and lacks replay value) which sees you guiding your characterful protagonists around the dramatic and strange landscapes whilst fending off trouble.

It’s charming, simply put, with its simplistic puzzle solving elements complemented by a beautiful soundtrack and those distinctive graphics.


With its cast of lovely characters (in the video above, check out how delighted the dudes in the bottom right look), playing Botanicula makes for a relaxing experience, one which takes you into the world of these strange individuals.

As you can hear from the clip above, the soundtrack to the game is uplifting stuff. It’s the type of thing you’d have expected Krautrock band Can to record in the early 1970s.

Instead, it’s ended up here in Botanicula to make you feel all happy as you go about your mission.

It’s short, it’s fun, it’s groovy, and it’s consistently charming—Botanicula will keep you amused for a good few hours and leave an indelible impression on you.

After you’ve cleared it, you can then turn to the company’s more recent effort Samorost 3 to get an analogous quirky fix. Totally worth it, dude.


    • Yeah, the problem (I use this word loosely) with Steam is you do quickly gather a vast amount of cheap games you mean to play, but often don’t.

      I will drop you an email, by the way, thanks for the offer I’ll see what it’s about.


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