Hidden Folks: Go and Find Stuff to the Tune of Silly Noises!

Hidden Folks
It’s Hidden Folks!

Small indie game Hidden Folks is causing a minor commotion right now. And good! It’s great fun and reminds us of the legendary Where’s Wally?

Hidden Folks

It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, it’ll be hilarious if you’re a kid (which we, essentially, still have the mentality of), and it’s crammed full of daft sound effects.

Created by Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg, it’s something of a glorious, amiable ode to Where’s Wally? (Where’s Waldo? elsewhere).

Out now on Steam and smartphones, as the player you’re faced with hand drawn screens of animation where you go off and look for the objects listed.

It’s a fun distraction from the rigours of modern life—well worth a bit of your time, it is.

If anything, it has a Samorost 3 quality about it – daft, silly, lots of weird sound effects, and a casual silliness most people should find endearing.

The art style is also distinctive, with everything hand drawn (very unusual in this day and age). As the developers explain:

"Everything in Hidden Folks is drawn by hand, scanned in, placed, layered manually, animated, and scripted. All sounds you'll hear originate from the developers' mouths. There are no time limits, no points, just areas with a bunch of folks and objects to be found."

It looks lovely and is a novel approach in an age of full on HD, as real as you like graphics.

The stripped down minimalism is also complemented by some utterly daft sound effects, including screeching monkeys, a shaman mumbling away, and people behaving like idiots (what’s new there then, eh?).

Like today’s post, it’s a short but sweet game which will provide you with a distraction in this daft world of ours.

However, if you have kids Hidden Folks should be a particularly big hit.

The silliness and daft noises, along with the hunt to find all of the things moving around on the increasingly bustling maps, and you’ve got quite the joyous romp. Hurray!


    • Groovy, well I hope you enjoy! I always recommend Alto’s Adventure to peeps as that’s, like, super relaxing and cool. Hidden Folks is just silly and good fun, though.


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