SNES Mini Classic: Pre-Orders, Anger, Filth, Fury, & Awesome

It’s here!

After the news the SNES Mini is on the way, we held back and waited to post anything. This was primarily as, after the initial elation, there was the sinking feeling of: “Will we be able to get one?!”.

After the disaster/success story Nintendo put on itself with the NES Mini, surely it would learn an important lesson and make this thing widely available? Apparently so, with “significant” more set for production this time around.

Pre-orders opened in the UK on Tuesday without warning and we were able, after seeing the Facebook post on Nintendo’s account, to swoop in and get one. Huzzah!

However, this first batch promptly sold out within 15 minutes, which has led to fears many fans will be left frustrated again by the limited stock the company intends to launch – this product is for 2017 only, after all.

It is only the first batch, more will be on the way, so bear with it as this is what you’ll get for your £69.99 ($80).

Oh, you can check out the SNES Classic Mini Review on that there link before going ahead.


As soon as the NES Mini was announced, most people immediately thought, “Gee! A SNES Mini would be amazing!”, and here it is!

There are no trailers yet, but the dude from Nintendo Life gave an appraisal of all 21 on the SNES Mini in the video above.

Like the noob he is, though, he hasn’t played the likes of Secret of Mana (which is bloody brilliant and features one of the best ever gaming soundtracks), although no one has played Star Fox 2, which was abandoned in 1995 and has resurfaced especially for the SNES Mini.

Arguably the best inclusions are Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart… pretty much any of the ones with “Super” in, to be honest. These are some of the best games in history, all included in one awesome package.

There are several huge scale, classic RPGs in the contraption (including cult classic Earthbound), with SNES games being much more advanced than NES ones, which is why there has been a price hike over the NES Mini.

With the box, you’ll get the SNES Mini, two controllers (Nintendo has promised a bigger cord this time around – the NES Mini has decidedly short ‘uns), and the 21 pre-installed games.

The notion “Is this worth it?” shouldn’t be in question – the SNES is, arguably, the greatest games console of them all.

The question is whether you’ll be able to get your hands on one – persevere and wait for new pre-orders to become available, as this will be one of the highlights of the technology year, but it’ll also only be available in 2017. Scary, huh?


You can’t mention the SNES Mini without debating the expected stock shortages.

Concerned this would be a problem, we primed our online Nintendo account and waited for pre-orders to go live, aware the NES Mini announcement in ’16 was followed 24 hours later by pre-order openings in the UK.

Not everyone is as insane as us, though, and wouldn’t have the same capacity to embrace a lack of a social life as we do.

Case in point, the NES Mini was a weird situation – it caused a frenzy when it was announced, was immediately a huge hit, launched Nintendo into the stratosphere of popularity.

But all the while this positive news was dogged by chronic stock shortages, general outrage from disappointed consumers, and further anger when Nintendo announced all production of the NES Mini had stopped in April ’17 after shifting just over 1.5 million units (it could have easily shifted 10+, leading to accusations of self-imposed stock scarcity).

These certainly are limited edition slices of fun – Nintendo is clearly happy to launch them out there, but doesn’t want to detract away from the Nintendo Switch’s upcoming virtual console.

Either way, the company has managed to have its cake and shoot itself in the foot simultaneously.

It’s been a bizarre thing to behold but, then, Nintendo isn’t your average company – it very much does its own thing. Some folks love them for it, others don’t. We’re the former.


    • In the UK there’s a one per person policy, but I can imagine this will only limit the carnage. At least Nintendo WILL (probably) be making more of them.

      My advice? Swoop in early! ASAP! Seconds after pre-orders go live. Best of luck, comrade.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve heard so, but they do get the best box art with it. I’d have preferred Chrono Trigger to be on there over Kirby, for instance, but never mind. It’s still a glorious little bundle.

      Liked by 1 person

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