SNES Classic Mini: It’s Here and it’s Super

SNES Nintendo Classic Mini
Omg… it’s the SNES! And it’s mini!!

The SNES Classic Mini is here! It’s the SNES, the greatest games console ever, but in mini form and with 21 games pre-loaded onto the damn thing! ZOMG! OMG! Amazeballs! Could there have ever been a better idea conceived ever?!

Back to our claim this is the greatest games console – this is simply down to the timeless quality of the games. The 2D, 16 bit setting has ensured the graphics have aged well, which the likes of the N64 and PlayStation haven’t enjoyed.

Back in the early ‘90s, developers were absolutely at the top of their game, too, crafting unbelievable gaming experiences minus any of the modern faff about cutscenes, excessive plots, and fancy HD graphics.

The latter mattered, sure, but it was the quality of the games we all discussed, and on the SNES it was masterpiece after masterpiece after masterpiece. Hell yeah!

The SNES Classic Mini

My word, indeed, they’re all crammed onto this thing. It’s a moment of staggering reflection when you stare at so much genius on one device – where the Hell do you begin?!

We gradually began tipping out toe in and out of games, most of which we know inside out since the early 1990s. Yet, these titles are so phenomenally good, there is no repetition.

We’re not going to waste any further time here – get yourself one. Nintendo has confirmed it will be making plenty of them and into 2018, too, along with bringing the NES Mini back during summer 2018 in Europe and North America.

There are no excuses – this thing may be £70 ($80, or whatever) but it’ll provide decades of enjoyment.

What do you get for you moolah, then? Well, 21 fantabulous games (some of which are the best of all time), a super cute dinky wee SNES, and two controllers (important to note – you do get two of them, whereas the NES Mini only had the one).

Plus there are a whole host of features within the games, including a rewind option which allows you to retry tricky sections where you might have died.

It’s a deliriously gorgeous and joyous little bundle of excellence – one little box with the might to provide your life with a hearty thump of positivity.

We may be gushing, but it’s due to there being plenty to gush about. One of the highlights of the gaming year, the SNES Classic Mini is a triumph.

Top 5 Games

Where, exactly, do you start with 21 classic games?! For a start, we have to say this is a, largely, exceptional collection of classics.

Whilst we’re disappointed Donkey Kong Country made it on (rather than one of its superior sequels), the most shocking loss is the staggering genius of Chrono Trigger. A real shame.

But we can’t complain too much, though… just look at our top five recommendations (note, the below trailers are taken from Wii U and iPhone editions).

Super Mario Kart

Instantly accessible, brilliant fun, addictive, hilarious, and featuring a 2 player mode, this is still, for us, the second-best Mario Kart game ever (with Mario Kart 8 owning that title).

Super Mario Kart hit the shelves in 1992 as the first instalment in the series and was an immediate triumph, kickstarting Nintendo’s legendary series. Play it! A lot.

Super Mario World

Still seen by some as the best 2D Mario game (we disagree on that, though), this masterpiece launched with the SNES, back in an era when games consoles used to arrive with a game worth buying.

Super Mario World is charming, brilliant, instantly accessible, and epic – a fine example as to why retro games remain so popular.

Super Metroid

Flat out one of the greatest, and most influential, games of all time, Super Metroid is not only a stunning masterpiece, it also inspired a young generation of developers who have since gone on to populate the modern era of gaming with dozens of Metroidvania classics. Thank you, Super Metroid!

Secret of Mana

Much beloved, to the extent it’s getting a complete remake, this beautiful RPG is bloody beautiful.

The graphics are stunning, story captivating, and it features one of the all time great video game soundtracks. Secret of Mana – it’s no secret it’s manaficent (magnificent).

Yoshi’s Island

Charming, gorgeous, joyous, and bloody harmonious, this slice of sheer brilliance arrived late in the SNES’ life, but its subtly sedate pace and reversal of Super Mario World (which it’s the sequel to) made some baulk. Yoshi’s Island is 2D platforming heaven, though,

Addendum: Star Fox 2

Also included on this fabulous product is Star Fox 2, which was largely completed by Nintendo in 1995 but never released.

However, it’s made its way, for the first time, to the SNES Mini and everyone now has a chance to play it. Hurray! It’s not exactly met with storming reviews, but they’ve been above average and, heck, we’ve enjoyed our experience on it so far.

Addendum 2: Super Play

To wrap things up on this super special weekend, a super special edition of legendary UK games magazine Super Play was launched with this month’s Retro Gamer.

This magazine was revolutionary back in the day, as it introduced Japanese Magna and animation (previously largely unknown to most in the West) and artist Wil Overton came up with some incredible, hand-drawn fronts covers. Super Play, simply put, stood out a country mile at newsagent stands!

It’s back for a one off and reviews, rather harshly we must admit, all 21 games on the SNES Mini. If you want a copy, you can order it on Retro Gamer’s website. Why not, eh? It’ll be a collector’s edition in a decade!


    • Cheers! You enjoy the jamming and clunking cartridges about, huh? It did have a fun quality to it back in the ’90s and you could really chuck them around and they wouldn’t get damaged. For what it is, though, the SNES Mini is just brilliant.


    • Yeah, 21st November is the best day ever as Mr. Wapojif, me, arrived on planet Earth! And yourself, of course! And Voltaire, I’ve done a book review of Candide, Or Optimism elsewhere on this site.

      Happy belated birthday for all the 21st of Novembers prior to the upcoming one!


        • Whoo yeah! The new Mario looks amazing, plus a batch of indie games – Axiom Verge, RiME, Stardew Valley etc. Doom I’m really looking forward to, but it’s all about the new Mario! It looks like it’ll be sensational. How about you?


          • I don’t even know…what with the weird direction they’ve been taking recently, only thing I can even think about is Smash Bros. I just hope they don’t give it another stupid name like they did three years ago…


            • Well there are a big batch of awesome titles on the way, so I’m sure something will catch your attention! Skyrim etc. I’m still quite addicted to Mario Kart 8, to be honest. I’m a speed demon.


              • I’m thinkin about getting that too. Despite having no friends whatsoever, I still enjoy racing games…

                You know what I’m going to do? I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I’m going to find myself a Wii U for my B-Day. Whereas the Switch’s lineup is nebulous, the past console has a plethora of games that I never got to experience at all before Nintendo so callously slit its throat.

                Smash Bros.
                Breath Of The Wild
                New Super Mario Bros. U
                Pokkén Tournament

                I know I’m forgetting something, but yeah…

                You’re right, Skyrim looks awesome! Y’know, I’ve always wanted to play Skyrim pretty much since it came out, but I just never had a compatible console. But my uncle gave me his PS3 last year, and now I don’t have the money to buy it. 😒 Ah well. I’m sure everything will work itself out…


                • Well Mario Kart 8 is all about the online races, so you can take on up to 12 people across the world at once. I was a big fan of the Wii U, though, and did a big article on it here highlighting the must have games! A much under-appreciated console, it was flawed but excellent.

                  I’m not sure what you mean by Nintendo messing up, the Switch has been a big hit and the line-up of games on the way is great, but that’s subjective anyway. Hope you enjoy the Wii U!


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