Cat Quest: Purrfect Puns in a Daft, Silly, & Cute RPG with Cats

Cat Quest
Cats on a quest!

It’s our duty to try and cover dramatic, emotive, intellectually stimulating video games to prove to our non-gaming readers the veracity of gaming as an exceptional cultural form.

Then there are times when we see a daft RPG like Cat Quest and think, “Proper ZOMG! That’ll be totally amazing!”

Cat Quest

Thusly, we picked this slice of silly up from Steam for the daft price of £7.99.

It’s also available on iOS (plus, eventually, the PS4 and Nintendo Switch) if you desperately need a cat RPG in your life.

Gentlebros Games is behind this one (the dev team seems to be in Singapore… or should that be Singapaw!?), with gamers taking to the epic world of Felingard for an epic quest featuring epic cat puns (there are a lot of them here), and epic music.

RPGs can be one of the more daunting video game genres to try out, but this one is infinitely accessible, has a lot of charm, lasts for a few hours, and is an uplifting slice of fun. Wahey.

Cats, eh? Littered throughout human history there are references to cats and, well, they are awesome so you can understand why.

Cat Quest is another addition to the cat adoration which sweeps the globe, and it’s a straightforward and enjoyable RPG which doesn’t overly tax you and is all the better for it.

It’s a pick up and play type game—there’s no wading through endless cutscenes or reams of text, you just get in there and the core mechanics of RPGs (that’s role-playing games, if you don’t know) begin: leveling up, acquiring swag, and upgrading your gear.

The difference with this title is you’re a cat, there are lots of pawsome puns, and it’s a bright and uplifting world you enter.

Obviously, this game is great for kids, so if you have some which you want to shut up for an hour or two, a title like Cat Quest is ideal.

It’s rather short compared to big AAA games out there but then, if you’re like us and work for a living, you have very limited free time anyway.

But that’s why we love indie games.they’re short, cheap, to the point, and often play on regular gaming conventions.

Cat Quest manages this with gusto—it’s a minimalistic RPG and it does exactly what it sets out to do. Great fun for everyone. Huzzah!

Going Dark: The HK Project

HK Project

In other cat-based video game news, there’s what looks like the Blade Runner of cat games on the way.

Developed by Koola and Viv, the HK Project is about a cat in a city going about this and that on some sort of ultra-special mission.

Groovy. Until then, the great fun Cat Quest will keep you more than occupied.


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