Rick and Morty: Nihilistic Dark Humour with Pickles and Madness

Rick and Morty
Rick is the one on the armchair.

Hey, it’s Bank Holiday Monday and we’re doing another culture post. So there! Rick and Morty is a show we’ve followed closely over the last few years.

Seasons 1 and 2 were largely enjoyable, but we didn’t feel it had quite lived up to its full potential. Season 3 has well and truly smashed our concerns, as the last few episodes have been effing fantastic.

Thusly, today, we’re here to point you towards this dark and brooding comedy about one lone genius mad scientist and his beleaguered family.

Rick and Morty

If we were to pitch the show to anyone, it’s essentially Futurama meets South Park with the doting sitcom family bits of the Simpsons chucked in.

Central to it all is Rick Sanchez, a thunderous alcoholic and scientific genius whose erratic behaviour, insane inventions, and confrontational nature create all manner of comedy hijinks.

The show has been a big hit and it’s easy to see why—it’s brutal, funny, and most of the high concept ideas work.

Okay, we’re not going to rant too much in this post as the show is getting more mainstream attention with each passing month.

Consequently, our paltry little effort here won’t alter the course of the Rick and Morty juggernaut, but if this does get a dozen of you sitting watching it and guffawing, then we think we’ve done our job properly.

The show revolves around deeply nihilistic and existential themes (read Being and Nothingness for tips) with dollops of physics and transmundane hoo-hahs thrown in for good measure.

That’s all propelled along by Sanchez and his deranged antics.

Being fans of scatological humour (i.e. we’re a bit immature), it’s consistently amused us he has a habit of burp talking due to his excessive drinking.

Not that this is his defining personality trait, but it’s an interesting habit.

It’s not clear what’s happened to him but, after a 14 year absence, he’s back living with his family and this is causing great strain on his daughter, her husband, and his two grandkids Summer and Morty.

Sanchez is manipulative and complicated as an individual—it’s not really clear what his plans for anything are.

He simply knows the absurdity of existence controls all, yet also appears (due to his genius) to have a wide-ranging number of relationships.

And they’re antagonistic ones with all sorts of weird creatures across the universe.

If we have one remaining criticism, it’s the writers occasionally have a habit of trying to be too clever (as with the first episode of Season 3) which can lead to tediously chaotic episodes.

It’s at its absolute best when focusing on madcap behaviour, such as with the Pickle Rick episode from a few weeks ago.

If there’s more of that on the way, Rick and Morty could well become a mainstream sensation, rather than just a cult phenomenon.

I’d Like to Watch This!

Anyway, Rick and Morty is on Netflix and season 3 is currently rolling out an episode a week, so catch up and enjoy all the wubba lubba dub dub stuff. Okay?! Good.

Behold the clip above to comprehend the deeper meaning behind it all, or just laugh, or cry, or whatever. Pickles are nice.


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