My Singing Monsters: Singing, Weird, Awesome, & Monstrous!

My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters… well, we saw this thing on a YouTube advert (which, 99.9% of the time, we skip or just block using AdBlock on our laptop) and immediately fouled ourselves. Alas, it was only on Android. What the Hell?! Well, it’s out on iPhone as well now so we had to download Canadian developer Big Blue Bubble’s ode to silliness.

If you have some screaming monstrosities of your own (i.e. children) then this one is sure to shut them up for bit! This indie title is kind of like a strategy game where you farm singing monsters, position them on a, sort of, veranda, and then they start singing and you can fashion unique songs. So, yes, it’s amazing for kids but, also, giant man babies like the Professional Moron staff. Huzzah!

My Singing Monsters

This thing first landed in 2012 but, for some reason, we’ve only just come across it in the last year. “What gives, Professional Moron, you bloody philistines?!” – well, idiots, we do have a day job, you know, plus there are so many games being released all the time, and Mr. Wapojif had lost his hair, and all this over stuff. So stuff happens, yeah? But now we’re on it and, like the dorks we are, we’ve been guffawing at this absurd video game.

Anyway, it’s a sort of lyrical version of strategy games like Dungeon Keeper. What you do, right, is take control of a farm area where you grow eggs which contain these animals. You position them out and about and earn money – they start singing or playing musical instruments the moment you place them down and, before long, you can get a right old rave going. It’s easy to pick up and play – even an imbecile can operate it (the handy on-screen instructions provide the basics). Before you know it, something like the below can happen!

Thusly, here you have a daft, but enjoyable, smartphone game which probably has a marmite effect – you’re either going to find it insanely annoying or you’ll be one of those who thinks it’s endearing. If you’re the latter, join the club! There are some beats to kick off here and you can be bopping away before you know it.

The good news is this app, and its sequels, are free (although in-app charges are there, hovering above your existence like a demonic demon) so you can give it a customary whirl for an hour, think it’s brilliant, and then get on with your life until something else new and addictive arrives. Huzzah!


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