The 10 Best Super Mario Games Of All Time

Super Mario

There’s been a lot of fuss recently about Super Mario Odyssey and games critics suggesting it’s the best Super Mario ever, which immediately means it’s one of the best games ever.

Some have even compiled lists of the best Super Mario games and mercilessly placed Odyssey right at the top like the heathens they well and truly are.

Well, like the cretins we are, we think we know best and have also decided to compile a big old list of Super Mario stuff.

Well, why not? We’ve been there from the start! We had the NES version of Super Mario Bros. back in the late ’80s and haven’t looked back since. Thusly, here we have OUR favourites from this most majestic of series.

Super Mario Bros.

The very first outing on the NES in 1985, Super Mario Bros. is still a great fun video game despite its primitive nature.

It’s a short one, but a landmark title which continues to influence the games industry and is essential for anyone interested in video game history.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

This Game Boy classic is a surprisingly dark (for a Mario game) one with all sorts of mayhem going on.

Sinister enemies are everywhere in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, the challenge is pretty tough, the graphics unusually good for the Game Boy, and it all adds up to an inspired adventure.

Super Mario Odyssey

After its brilliant fun opening sections, the big problem with Super Mario Odyssey is there are only 14 full stages. Why?!

Well, Nintendo took the route of adding a vast amount of stars to unearth (going on 1,000), but as they’re often rather small it becomes a tale of retracing your steps in condensed levels. A fab game, but not the sweeping masterpiece we expected and definitely not the best Mario game ever. SO THERE!

Super Mario Maker

Arguably the most insane game ever created, Super Mario Maker is a testimony to the enduring nature of the series. It’s available on the Wii U and 3DS and remains a prime reason for owning the former, since this is unlikely to make it to the Switch.

Putting it simply, you can design Mario courses and, also, play on the utterly demented creations folks from around the world have come up with. It will take over your life.

Super Mario 64

Revolutionary for the time due to its 3D graphics, this SOB is still a rampaging classic due to its fun level design and sprawling adventure.

Super Mario 64 is belting, with its crystal clear and gorgeous soundtrack and plenty of unique surprises.

Super Mario Sunshine

The GameCube title which was rather maligned at the time is, in fact, a classic. Just recently we saw an Honest Trailer complaining about it being bad.

But, really, Super Mario Sunshine is trademark excellence with a fun water pack concept. It’s a real charmer, too, with fantastic music and a gorgeous setting.

Super Mario World

The title that kicked off the lifespan of the best games console ever, Super Mario World is a glorious achievement and remains one of the SNES’ best games. There’s pretty much nothing you can complain about here.

It’s an enormous, vibrant, and joyous video game with moments of fun and wonder at every step of the way. The game is also famous for introducing Nintendo’s beloved Yoshi, which went on to spawn a superior sequel in the form of Yoshi’s Island.

Super Mario Galaxy

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Super Mario Galaxy remains a work of genius that transformed the series and proved a landmark title in the games industry.

Its audacious concept was delivered with severe panache and it proved a perfect fit for the Wii.

With the sparkling orchestral soundtrack and planet soaring nature, this one is arguably the finest game from the previous generation of consoles. Mesmerising stuff, Steve.

Super Mario Bros. 3

As old as it is, this 2D platformer is still pretty much perfect. The levels are packed full of imagination and it’s a big old adventure which remains the finest moment on the NES.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is, simply put, genius. It’s just astonishing a game this old can still be so much fun.

Super Mario 3D World

Controversial? For us, the Wii U’s sweeping masterpiece (which did meet with near perfect scores across the globe, by the way) is an enormous slice of perfection.

Super Mario 3D World just doesn’t want to end – it’s enormous and so brimming with imagination it’s unreal. Relish in the challenge, have a constant big smile on your face, and enjoy a complete masterpiece… you’ll just have to get a bargain bin Wii U to do so.


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