Super Mario Maker 2: Super Fun Level Maker, Ahoy!

Super Mario Maker 2
I’m a Wario, I’m a gonna win.

Super Mario Maker (2015) was a real shot out of the blue on the Wii U, a magnificent and crazy endeavour with more fun than most things ever.

Nintendo’s 2019 sequel is also a humdinger. It ups the amount of lunacy and creates a pretty charming, endless experience.

Get Busy Building in Super Mario Maker 2

Right, so the idea here is you have your standard Super Mario side-scrolling platforming fun. Except players can create courses.

Nintendo provides you with a bunch of tools and options to help you along, but the limit is really your imagination.

You can set your levels based around certain games from the series, such as Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario 3D World.

Once you start Super Mario Maker 2, you get the option to head into tutorial mode. There you learn all the basics from a helpful pigeon called Yamamura.

You can then start making courses, save them, upload them for other players to try out, and play other players’ often quit insane inventions.

The original Super Mario Maker is famous for the level of insanity it created, with some notoriously difficult levels.

And the sequel continues this in fine style, pushing the boundaries of what madness is possible in a video game.

So, yes, there’s a lot of that. One of the main goals for many players seems to be to make levels as insanely difficult as possible.

There’s also a big focus on speedrunning, where you try and finish a level as quickly as possible.

Others are just flat out good old fun. The sliding on your backside feature in many Mario games has always been top fun, so the level Super Slider takes advantage of that.

Really, what more could you want? Perpetual Super Mario levels!? This game provides it in full on form.

You do, of course, come across some dodgy levels. But on the whole you can choose popular courses to visit and tour through.

Or just make your own! What sort of level do you want to dig on? Go ahead and do it.

Nintendo also throws in a Story Mode with a more traditional Super Mario game, where you can complete levels the Japanese gaming giant created.

And, well. It’s all highly recommended. A total joy to play and a charming slice of madness the Switch thrives on delivering. Huzzah!

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