15 Films Ruined By Adding “Smmmmokin’!” Into The Name

Smoking in films

Smoking isn’t a habit we condone, you know, but in movies it’s made out to be really cool and, you know what, for once we’d like to be really cool.

As your average pack of cigarettes costs £700 these days, we’ve instead focused on using wordplay to get more smoking into films so we can all stare at pretty people like Arnold Schwarzenegger smokin’. Hell yeah.

Anyway, without much further all that stuff, here are a batch of films you know which have been made a lot better by adding in a bit of the old putrid, eye wincing, horribleness known as tobacco. Indeed.

Ace Ventura: Smmmmokin’ Detective

Let’s get the smoking rolling with this film about Ace Ventura, who is a detective hired to find people who smoke and exterminate them from the face of the planet. Pretty dark, we know.

Close Encounters of the Smmmmokin’ Kind

Steve Spielberg directed alien-fest involving lots of aliens, Richard Dreyfuss, Hooper from Jaws, and lots of smoke.

Gone with the Smmmmokin’!

Wind? NO! Smokin’ in the wind is a bad idea, as this documentary about what happens to smoke when it’s blasted away in a gust of wind. Very moving.

The Smmmmokin’ Redemption

Red and Andy smoke it up a notch in this adaptation of Steven King’s novel that really, really takes a close look at the smoking community at Shawshank prison.

Citizen Smmmmokin’!

Orson Welles and cigarettes. Does it get any cooler?

The Sound of Smmmmokin’!

In this daft musical about singing, Nazis, and smoking singing Nazis, Julie Andrews prances about with a whooping cough due to the adverse results of smoking.

Smmmmokin’ Wars: The Phantom Menace

Terrible Star Wars film plagued by Jar Jar Binks, who smokes his way through the film and ruins all of Ewan McGregor’s scenes.

2001: A Smmmmokin’ Odyssey

Kubrick, space, and smoking. This landmark piece of cinema put smokin’ on the map.

Smmmmokin’ in the Rain

Nope, not when it’s raining you won’t! This tragic tale looks at what it’s like to smoke in the rain. Answer: not a lot happens. The cigarette goes out.

Smmmmokin’ Now

Violent war opera about smoking… right bloody now! The talented cast of smokers smoke their way through the three hour running team. After this one, you’ll love the smell of tobacco in the morning. Smells like… victory.

Smmmmokin’ with Wolves

Kevin Costner romp about his time hanging out with wild wolves whilst smoking heavily. This was Costner’s stoner phase during the early 1990s. It received no Oscars.

The Smmmmokin’ Club

1980s romp with Molly Ringwald about a bunch of students in trouble for smoking too much. Forced into the smokin’ club, they enjoy banter, smoking, and the occasional wheezy cough.

Batman & Robin Smmmmokin’!

Terrible 1997 film with George Clooney and some other guy being terrible. The only highlight is all the smoking that goes down. Smokin’!

The Smmmmokin’ Knight

Think Christian Bale as Batman was putting that voice on for a laugh? Wrong! That’s from years of 50 a day, kids!

And finally…

Smmmmokin’ Park

Jeff Goldblum visits an island with dinosaurs and starts smoking heavily once things hit the fan. He smokes over 100 in the film. Hot stuff! Rarrrrr.


  1. Yes, yes, I suppose it makes all the films cooler, but isn’t it a bit old fashioned? I mean, everyone (almost} in Toronto is vaping these days. Vaaaaaaaping… What do you think? Good for vampire and ghost movies?


  2. Smmmmmokin’ idea! Have to say that all I can think of for 2001 is a trail of smoke drifting (vertically) from Discovery’s engines in the SFX style of those dreadful old Flash Gordon series and also Blake’s 7…

    Liked by 1 person

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