Rive: Ultimate Edition – Tough Shooter With American Accent

Rive - Ultimate Edition
Rive it up.

Okay, here’s a mindless good fun game – Rive: Ultimate Edition. Dutch indie studio Two Tribes is responsible what is a violent oddity with shoot-em-up and Metroidvania qualities. All of it is powered along thanks to a loudmouth New York bloke with what’s either a Bronx or Brooklyn accent. Whatever, he has a beard.

Rive: Ultimate Edition

Available on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, it’s called Rive: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry on the latter. But we picked up the Switch version when it was on sale. And it’s a blast! And it’s also bloody goddamn difficult, although it’s fair in handing out continues (thankfully).

The plot functions as a way for you to go in and just blast everything in sight. And it’s a satisfying experience. Using your analog stick, you can actually shoot in 360 degrees – handy, given how quickly some of the antagonists descend upon you.

You gain power-ups as you complete levels, plus you have the ability to manipulate robotic implements you come across. This adds to your arsenal nicely – the more the merrier. The frenetic pace of Rive is what makes it stand out. It’s an intense, difficult, and engaging experience. We’re in a state of shock it works as well as it does, but we certainly weren’t arguing with it.

The manic action involves lots of gunning down enemies, but this is offset with some clever extras. You’ll need to master double jumps, for instance, and manipulating the world around you to reach greater heights.

And it’s tough. Bloody tough. It’s a real old-school NES-like experience. But upon each death, you respawn immediately with no delays ready to take on the experience again. All of which adds up to a cheap, charming, and crazy little indie game that’s absolutely worth your time.

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