Bird Photo Booth 2.0 & Ostdrossel’s Fabulous Hungry Birds

Bird Photo Booth 2.0
A cock-a-doodle-do invention.

Okay, today we came across Ostdrossel (that means eastern bluebird, if you’re wondering) and her fabulous pictures of birds up close (and eating).

Her candid snaps are possible due to the excellent Bird Photo Booth 2.0 (more on that below). Let’s have a gander.


With a clever setup, Lisa – a German lady living in Michigan – uses the Bird Photo Booth 2.0 to take these up close and personal pictures.

The feathery buggers don’t know a camera is there, so land and get snapped stuffing food into their beaks.

It’s not always the most glamorous of poses for them, but it does reveal their fun personality quirks in one… foul swoop. Yeah?

On Ostrossel’s Tumblr blogging account, she explains how she goes about achieving such fabulous pictures.

It basically involves a camera with a bird tray full of food positioned right in front of it. As she explains:

"I am using a device called Bird Photo Booth 2.0. It consists of this camera box, much like a trail camera, that has a macro lens on the top and a regular one on the bottom. Inside is a little shelf on which I place a small camera (sold separately, you can also use a smartphone or a GoPro) that has, amongst other things, a motion sensor function that I can set to take 10 pics per second. The bowl attachment comes with the camera as well. So whenever a bird makes it to the bowl, the camera takes pictures. If I leave the camera out the whole day, which happens a lot, I end up with up to 7000 photos, depending on the activity of the day. My evening pleasure and routine is to go through all of them, delete the bad ones and keep and slightly edit the ones I deem publishable. I have no affiliation with the inventor, I just came across his invention through the almighty internet and participated in his Kickstarter because I loved the idea."

And the result is as you can see. Lots of birds pulling goofy expressions as they cram food into their systems.

Fancy doing something similar? Here’s a bit about the innovative device that makes it all possible.

Bird Photo Booth 2.0

Okay, so whilst researching Ostdrossel’s images we found out the Bird Photo Booth is an invention you can go ahead and bloody well buy right now.

It was funded on Kickstarter and successfully received the backing it required. So you can now easily buy one of these things for educational, or creative, purposes. It’s the:

"World's first wireless bird feeder and birdcam - an interactive learning and photographic tool to discover your backyard world and beyond."

Thusly, at once it’s a bird feeder and wireless 4K motion-activated camera.

But you can set it up as you wish. It’s really up to you what you do with it. Ostdrossel experimented around with setups, as you can see above, until she came across her hungry bird snaps idea.

If you have $200 spare then you can order one pronto. That isn’t cheep, but with results like this you’re cawrazy to miss out.

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