15 Beatles Songs Ruined By Adding “Slug” Into The Title

A slug
Mean Mr. Slug.

The Beatles were a decent band and all that. But if George, Paul, John, and Ringo had had an infatuation with slugs then history would have been different.

We set out to prove this right by rounding up some of the fab four’s best songs. Then we ruined them for posterity by taking a slug-happy approach. Are we smug about it? Get back, something in the way slugs move tells us let is be.

Hey Slug

A slug on a table

Classic piano notes. Classic build-up. Classic chorus.

Here Comes The Slug

A slog moving about

Very slowly, obviously, as they don’t have an incredible turn of speed about them.

Let It Slug

A slug on a table

“When I find myself in times of trouble, slugs come to me” croons Sir Paul McCartney. The British press noted in 1970 that less of a slug focus for the song might have worked better. Slugs say no.

Can’t Buy Me Slugs

A slog moving about

When you’re a bit on the poor side, no one can buy you slugs. Which is a bugger.

Slug Together

A slug on a table

The more slugs there are joined together in one place, the less slugs there are joined together in another place somewhere else.

I Am The Slug

A slog moving about

Surreal song about sitting on a cornflake, stupid bloody Tuesday, and being a slug. John Lennon… lay off the LSD, mate.

I Want To Hold Your Slug

A slug on a table

Cheerful pop record that went straight to No. 1 and ensured a generation of Mods wanted to hold your slug.

While My Slug Gently Weeps

A slog moving about

Luckily, most slugs are pretty cheerful – but if they watch a sad film, then they do cry from time to time.


A slug on a table

“I never needed anybody’s slug in any way” go the catchy lyrics. Obviously, this song was written before The Beatles realised they like slugs and want to hold them.

We Can Slug It Out

A slog moving about

Of course you can! Where there’s a slug there’s a way.

All You Need Is Slug

A slug on a table

Can’t say we have the same enthusiasm as The Beatles here. Sometimes we need a bit more than slug. Lettuce as well, you know?

Slug Me Do

A slog moving about

“You know, I slug you! So please… slug me do.” Catchy stuff. Just a bit weird on the relentless slug infactuation, The Beatles. Do you want to calm it down, maybe?

She Loves Slug

A slug on a table

Well at least someone else loves slugs and not just The Beatles! God… was this a sixties thing? Were slugs everywhere back then? You don’t really see them around these days.

And finally…

A Day in the Slug

A slog moving about

A rather interesting song from a scientific perspective as it details 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire and how they were all made by slugs.

Liverpool isn’t overly near to Blackburn, Lancashire, but we guess the Fab Four was worried that those holes might spread to their beloved city?

Does that explain the slug love!?


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