Affordable Space Adventures: Unique Space Romp on the Wii U

Affordable Space Adventures
To infinity.

This innovative indie title took advantage of Nintendo’s Wii U like few other developers did. Developed by NapNok Games and Nicklas Nygren (a Swedish indie dev who goes by the name of Nifflas), its use of puzzles, adventure, and satire sure are intigruing.

Affordable Space Adventures

As Nintendo’s Wii U was something of a flop (“only” selling 14 million units worldwide), it meant many developers stayed away from the console.

Nintendo has since rectified that with the smash hit Switch console, but it’s kind of too little too late for this unique little adventure game.

As it was developed for the Wii U, it struggled with low sales (despite rave reviews) and isn’t set for any ports since its April 2015 release.

Four years on and we can see the effort that went on here. You star as a customer who has bout an Affordable Space Adventure from the company UExplore.

It has found a new planet for you, so it’s your job to get out there and take a look around. As this is budget space exploration, your ship isn’t exactly cutting-edge stuff – but, intrepid hero, into the dank and dank depths you must plunge!

Straight away, the game is unique as it utilises the Wii U’s GamePad in a way few of the console’s games ever did.

An approach it complements with some pretty incredible atmospherics.

As the player, you use the GamePad (essentially, it’s like a touchscreen tablet) to stealthily move around the environment.

You use the screen to provide instructions to your craft, navigating around by configuring your controls and ensuring everything stays shipshape. It’s an approach also in use on the excellent and introspective FAR: Lone Sails.

The sense of suspense is palpable and you’re tested by some tricky puzzles, but on the whole the overiding sense of solitude and exploration are what mark it out.

A great game, it’s sad to see it’s drifted off into obscurity. We recently revisited our Wii U to catch up with the assortment of great indie titles on it and Affordable Space Adventures stands out.

If you’ve still got your Wii U (or if you want to get one – mega cheap on eBay) then this is glorious little adventure to immerse yourself into.

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