Trine 2: Fantastical and Stunning Indie Puzzle Platformer

Trine 2
It’s Trine, too!

Frozenbyte’s acclaimed Trine series began a decade ago with its first outing. Trine 2 followed in 2011 across most systems and PC – we picked it up on the Wii U. Fabulous looking and fantastical, it’s a clever puzzle-platformer often overlooked in the industry. But not today!

Trine 2

The indie game scene was just starting to really kick off back then and the likes of Trine 2 convinced many small dev teams to give it a go.

The production values are high and the Helsinki-based Frozenbyte really but its Finnish backside into every aspect of the project.

The studio released an advanced Director’s Cut for Nintendo’s Wii U – it has a few extra features and better overall polish. But the likes of the PS4 version still look the part.

The concept is simple enough. Trine, in late Middle English, means “three” – as it does in the Old French and Latin (“trinus”, from “tres”).

You have control over three characters who you can switch between interchangeably – as with the recent disappointing Unruly Heroes.

Each set of characters has unique skills, which the player (that’s you, dingus) must use to overcome the platforming environment.

As you can see, it borders on a 2.5D look that the glorious INSIDE utilises so spectacularly. But the titles are enormously different, as Trine 2 uses an often comical Middle Ages vibe.

So whilst you go about solving puzzles and taking out foes, there’s a great sense of mischievous fun never far away.

Complementing all of that, you have the soundtrack evincing a vibe of centuries old – and, of course, that wonderful artistic style.

As a gameplay package, it’s engaging stuff. Since 2011, we’ve seen a batch of other amazing indie platformers that do trounce it now. Think the masterful Ori and the Blind Forest for proof.

But what stands up in Trine 2 are the complex elements of progressing through your different characters, the humour, the satisfying combat, and the arc of the story.

Well worth a punt as it’s just launched on the Nintendo Switch, too. Or you can wait for…

Trine 4

Yes, the fourth entry in the Trine series is on the way! It very much looks the part, with the gaming press picking up on its fabulous visual style.

But, will it be fun to play? Going off the other games, you have to expect this one to be the best of the lot (we hope – you just get that vibe looking at it).

It’ll hit everything later this year, so keep your grubby little mitts occupied with one of the previous games in the meantime.


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