Feather: Relaxing & Colourful Indie Game Bird Flight Thing

Feather the indie game-min

Some video games are more relaxing than others. Feather is one of the ones that really channels the verb “relax” and throws in some birds and lots of pretty colours. Can’t go wrong with that, eh?


From indie devs Samurai Punk in Melbourne, it launched in April 2019 and is available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Recent graduates Nicholas McDonnell and Winston Tang formed the studio whilst studying in 2013.

They helpfully explain on the official website, “Samurai Punk is a Melbourne-based studio that loves to make cool shit for you.” Thanks, guys!

Despite the use of a swear there, Feather is a deeply serene indie game about exploration. It’s a cut back premise—you become a bird, fly around, and wallow in the Zen.

As a viewing experience it’s also entertaining. Something to have on in the background, eh?

But this is a video game, too. As the bird, you’re on a large island that you can go around an explore.

And exploration is key here, with the controls (which take a bit of getting used to) letting you soar about the place.

Our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif, went looking around and had a bit of a scare. Behold!

But, no, this isn’t Pilotwings 64. It is all about relaxation and the beautiful artistic style complements the jingly, jangly soundtrack. Like thatgamecompany’s Flower (2009).

Feather is another in an increasing number of relaxing games—it should have a new genre, we guess. There’s an ASMR benefit here, plus the shift from day to night is lovely.

It’s immersive stuff, if a bit short. As a title, you’ll know whether this is your type of thing or not.

But for £6, it’s added some chilled flight sessions to our otherwise usually chaotic days. Merci!


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