Streets of Rage: Punchy Punch Type of Retro Punch

Streets of Rage on the Mega Drive
Punch it!

How do you like them streets? Full of rage?! Then Streets of Rage, the 1991 Mega Drive (Genesis) thing is the retro game for you! There’s lot of punching in it. Thank you, Sega!

Streets of Rage

Right, so this is a side-scroller type beat ’em up thing that had many a young lady back in 1991 delighted.

That’s if you had a Mega Drive. Which we didn’t. Being so much cooler, we had a SNES!

But anyway, we did look across with jealousy at this super cool game by Sega’s Noriyoshi Ohba. There’s a Golden Axe type of mythology to it all these years on.

It was a hit and spawned many a sequel, which includes a fourth outing due for release this year we believe (more on that further below).

Critically well received, too, as the player you star as either a human female or a human male.

The plot usually involves some sort of crime syndicate taking over a city. So it’s your job to head out there and duff up anyone you come across.

It’s all rather juvenile and daft, but it’s great fun entertainment. You can interact with the environment and use items like boxes to smash over the badddies.

And you can team up with a friend in co-op mode to do battle as well. Which is all rather heroic, eh?

It’s simplistic stuff but still engaging as a game, but the series has such a popular reputation we have a new one to look forward to. Hurray!

Streets of Rage 4

As you can see with the slightly ridiculous, buffed up characters… we’re back in action and ready to punch more baddies!

Lizardcube, Guard Crush Games, and Dotemu are behind the rivaval. Announced a year ago, we’re getting close to launch day and the retro style is very much being honoured.

But there are flashy new features as well that should make it good fun entertainment. It’s going to be out on ruddy everything it seems, so there’s no excuse to miss out on it. You hear?!


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