Cockatoos: Quirky Sorts With an Anarchic Streak

A cockatoo

Okay, we decided to cancel our previous post after House of Heart’s post about birds. As we’ve really wanted to do a post about the cockatoo. Thusly, we scrawled this all out over the last 20 minutes.

Over the last few months we’ve become rather fascinated by their intelligent, if weird, behaviour. So let’s have a gander!

The Cockatoo

Our interest started with YouTube celebrity Max, whose incredible behaviour you can see on his offical channel.

Cockatoo’s can mimic human speech. And are very smart. When Max knows he’s off to the vet, he has something akin to a temper tantrum.

The channel has going on 300,000 subscribers. But the above clip of his breakdown has almost 22 million views after going viral.

But then it turns out they’re all like that. Utterly fascinated by everything, ready to react to stuff in certain ways (such as dancing to music), and all that jazz.

So it took a team of British people with British accents to find out why they like to dance and whatnot.

We guess birds just want to have fun. They wanna have fun, birds. Wanna have…

Then this Twitter user went viral after he docomented a cockatoo ripping up anti-bird spikes in Australia. So they have an anarchic streak as well.

Frankly, it seems like we could be best mates with this species of parrot.

They like video games as well, check out Alex the cockatoo trying out Untitled Goose Game (is that a cockatoo? Apologies if not, it’s just a cute video and Alex looks like one… sort of).

Certain animals behave in a naturally charismatic way for us humans. The ones we can bond with we form a very real emotional connection.

But not all cockatoos are suitable as pets as they’re quite difficult to cater for. The cockatiel is your best bet if you fancy one.

Illegal trade has sadly led to the decline in some of the species, so we’d rather have these dudes out in the wild and enjoying themselves.

So in the meantime, check out a bird shelter near you and adopt any bird dude who’s incapable of returning to the wild. Do it. NOW! Or Max the cockatoo will get you!


  1. There’s an entire island made of Cockatoos in Sydney harbour. Well, actually it’s made of sandstone and has been a convict prison (inevitably) and naval dockyard, and I was too cheap to pay the extra to actually land on it the several times I went past it on the ferry to Parramatta. But it COULD be made of Cockatoos if the laws of physics were a little different.

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