Starman: Eye-Catching Puzzle Game in Space

Starman the game
There’s a starman, waiting in the sky.

A lot of ethereal artisic puzzle games are emerging since the likes of Monument Valley II went about making iOS games proper belting. Here’s another one.


This is the sort of puzzle game anyone on a long commute should have. It’s available on Android, iPhone, and also arrived on the Nintendo Switch recently.

Nada Studio in Spain is behind Starman—a 2017 game. We picked the space happy little fiend up for £1. Breaking the bank, eh?

For your cash you’ll receive a short but sweet little puzzle adventure. And artistic splendour—in monochrome fashion—is very much on the agenda.

There are some impressive designs going on, with each “level” offfering something new to gawp at. And, yes, a lot of it is clever—although the puzzles are never too taxing.

Playing through it, we couldn’t really make out much of the plot. We guess it’s abstract and all that.

You control the Starman and guide him across various puzzles.

As the game progresses, they become more intricate and occasionally colourful. Clusters of vibrant light appearing on some trues and whatnot.

You stare at the designs. You swoon a bit. You listen to the soundtrack, that has a Vangelis quality from Blade Runner.

So, yes, it’s a relaxing experience. All building to chapter nine, where the game has an interesting conclusion.

Peaceful? Yes. Engaging? Also yes. It’s a short game, for sure, but one that provides anyone looking for a brief distraction some enjoyment.

There are others like it. Again, Monument Valley (the first one) is clever and beautiful.

We can recommend that and its sequel above Starman, but when this is so cheap (and if you have a thing about space and monochrome) you can’t go too wrong. Can you?


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