Super Smash Bros: Yes, We’re Discussing the N64’s Fighting Game

Super Smash Bros on the N64

Normally we can’t stand fighting games. But this Nintendo 64 punch to the face from 1999 was good fun. And the series remains enormously popular!

Super Smash Bros.

Most people these days call this Smash Bros 64, to distinguish it from the GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo Switch versions.

Now, this one isn’t a Nintendo game. Japan’s HAL Laboratory handled the concept.

And it functions in the Super Mario Kart way of things. Throw Nintendo’s beloved characters into a fighting arena. And let them beat each other up.

The Nintendo 64 had a reputation for not having any good fighting games, which is probably correct. It seemed to be a major fault for the console, according to others.

For us, disliking the genre as we do, it was a fillip for the thing. But, well, we did get a good one in the end.

And some of the fun bits included knowing nods to previous Nintendo games. Such as Donkey Kong Country stage, replete with David Wise music.

But the main draw, really, was the multiplayer option. Unusually, for the time, the Nintendo 64 allowed four players to have a go simultaneously.

So, that created all manner of crazy during battles. And lots of Super Smash Bros. type battle parties between mates swearing at each other.

There’s a single-player campaign to get stuck into as well, but it’s all about the multiplayer fun and all that.

And, oh yeah, as a fighting game it’s not exactly in the Street Fighter II Turbo sense.

It’s more layered and features a percentage, strategic system. There’s a lot of skill involved in the game. Kind of like Mario Kart, although it’s also a pick up and play type deal.

Anyway, these days the series is still very popular. The Nintendo Switch version met with rave reviews, for example.

But we just don’t play fighting games. Sorry. We find them repetitious and annoying.

Fair play to you if you do like them. But, as we’re so vastly superior to you, we busy ourselves with screaming at our TV because Mario Kart 8 whooped us again. Indeed.


  1. I’ve never felt such seething hatred for my best friends than when I’m losing a fighting game to one of them.

    With that being said, the fighting game I could tolerate most was Smash Bros. Definitely an iconic series 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Always football games with me, I’ve seen some of my normally rational friends totally lose it. Then probably on Mario Kart and Smash Bros or other fighting games. I should probably give one of the new titles a go, I may enjoy it.


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