The Bug Butcher: Epic Little Shooter Where You Aim UP!

The Bug Butcher
Wait for it… It’s NOT a Bug’s Life! LOL!

Bugs, eh? Whether it’s The Secret Life of Flies of just The Fly, they’re everywhere. Including all over the place in this most excellent indie game.

The Bug Butcher

From Awfully Nice Studios in Kufstein of Austria, this is a riveting shooter involving many, many bugs.

It’s actually from 2015, where it hit Steam with a vengeance. But in the last couple of years it’s come across to the current crop of consoles.

You star as Harry, a sardonic exterminator chap who’s arrived on a planet to help some scientists with their bug problem.

Taking its inspiration from the arcade classic Super Pang (also called Super Buster Bros) from 1990, the result is a chaotic, fast-paced shooter.

It throws you right into the action. And, straight away, it’s just bloody enthralling stuff. No messing about. Just get on with it.

Here’s level four to provide a taster of the approach you must take.

How it stands out from other games is the location of the bugs. They mainly emerge from the ceilings of the scientists’ base.

So, you’re constantly aiming up. And must judge where the bugs are going to be as they bounce, crawl, or fly around the screen.

The Bug Catcher is a rather strategic game as a result. It’s not about mindlessly shooting away Call of Duty style.

Timing is the name of the game. Along with utilising your power-ups and abilities at key moments. And it takes a bit of practice to get that right.

The gameplay is engrossing right from the off. And it has a rather fine cartoonish look to proceedings, too. Kind of like Splasher. But without the water. Just bugs.

Chuck into the arcade and single-player mode a co-op option and there’s a lot to get on with.

It’s, frankly, quite a simple game. Run and gun. But with the added strategy elements (and overall furious pace) and it’s a pick up and play type romp.

So, not one you’ll thump 100+ hours into. But as it was £6 (and actually £2 in a Nintendo eShop sale for us), there’s little to argue about.

It’s wild. It’s crazy. And we really bloody like it for its instant accessibility and ability to cram so much into, seemingly, so little.

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