Splasher: Proper Belting Arcadey 2D Platformer With Ink

Splasher game
Splish splosh!

It took about 10 minutes for us to realise this is going to be one of our favourite games of the year. The joyous and hugely engaging indie romp from French devs Splashteam is just brilliant from the get-go and it demands your attention.


It’s the first independent game from Romain Claude, who was a game and level designer for Ubisoft across titles such as Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends.

And whilst some other recent former Ubisoft staff fell a bit flat with Unruly Heroes, Splasher is a total triumph.

Although heavily influenced by Super Meat Boy, there’s also a dollop of Nintendo’s Splatoon series in here as well.

There’s an element of a dystopian story in here. The Inkorp mega-factory has all sorts of evil, Machiavellian projects at work from the big boss – Le Docteur. A mad scientist sort.

You, the player, have a paint cannon you can use to traverse stages to set free workers stuck in the factory.

The cannon fires water to trigger switches and whatnot to make certain aspects of a level move, allowing you to progress. You also have a red paint option that lets you run on walls.

It’s fast-paced and frantic stuff, with deaths common. But it’s a for more forgiving game than Super Meat Boy, which is notorious for its difficult levels.

Splasher is, instead, reasonably taxing on your brain and gaming skills, but Splashteam has ensured there are huge doses of fun as you romp across stages as well.

It’s out now on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Totally worth your time.

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