Bastion: Stellar Indie Romp With Dynamic Narration


From American indie developer Supergiant Games, this 2011 action role-playing title was a hit at a time when the indie scene was taking off. Huzzah to that!


Yeah, we’re pretty late to the party with this one. Bastion is almost a decade old. Heck, there are a lot of indie games. We can’t play all of them.

What struck us straight away, though, was just how fresh the game still feels. It looks stunning and also features an unusual dynamic voice-over.

That means, as you play along, the narrator comments on your on-screen antics. It’s an interesting little addition.

Anyway, Bastion emerged at a time when the indie video game scene was really emerging as a force. Along with titles like World of Goo (2008), small indie teams proved they could show up major AAA developers. How? With talent and skill!

And look at how lovely the whole thing is? Artistically, it has a magnificent flow.

Bastion plays out like Diablo II. That overhead isometric view—you go running around smashing stuff up and defeating enemies.

You take control of the Kid. Your mission is to collect shards to power the Bastion, which is a special structure protecting the survivors of a recent apocalypse.

As you romp about, you skill up in classic RPG fashion. Get your swag. Power up your weapons. Become stronger and better as a player.

Bastion is also famous for its soundtrack by Darren Korb. We bang on a lot about the excellence of indie game soundtracks.

This title was one of the first to prove how one person can go about creating a brilliant orchestral sweep. Or trip hop. Whatever you want to call this.

Korb had limited space whilst recording, which he did in the closet of his New York flat.

The soundtrack complements the game magnificently, we must say, as it really gets you involved in the action.

And although Bastion does suffer from being a bit repetitive at times, its incredible polish and sense of RPG fun wasn’t lost on us at all. Bon!


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