Iconoclasts: Fun 2D Romp a Bit Like Mischief Makers

Iconoclasts the indie game

Righto, another most excellent 2D platformer romp here. From Swedish developer Joakim Sandberg for his studio Konjak, it’s a whole lot of fun and has a wrench in it.


Launching in 2018, you can pick this game up on everything except the Xbox One. And do so, if you like 2D platformers. As it’s great fun.

Although Iconoclasts does have wodges of Metroidvania in it, on the whole it’s just solid platforming fun.

Joakim Sandberg began development on the game in 2010 and worked on it steadily until its 2018 release.

When we first started playing, its robotic premise and visual style reminded us of Mischief Makers (1997) on the Nintendo 64.

You star as Robin, a mechanic. She’s in a world governed by a corrupt religious body called One Concern. There they let only licensed mechanics deal with the world’s energy supply.

Robin isn’t a licensed mechanic and is self-taught. This means she’s classed as a criminal and heretic by One Concern’s standards, forcing her to flee.

It’s your job, as the player, to guide Robin about and overcome those dastardly folks within the whole religious authority majigger.

It’s quite a dramatic and hefty plot for what’s essentially a straightforward platforming romp.

We don’t mean that in a bad way. Iconoclasts doesn’t try anything new, but it does nail its platforming requirements very bloody well indeed.

Robin is equipped with a wrench and other tools, which she uses to manipulate the world around her. Cue lots of puzzle solving and battles with enemies.

Robin’s wrench allows you to open and close various gateways in the world, which is one of the more enjoyable aspects to the game. That puzzle solving element is satisfying.

You can also use the wrench to swing yourself from one object to another, Earthworm Jim style.

To go with the classic platforming action is a vibrant and engaging visual style, plus a catchy, toe tapping soundtrack (bit more on that below).

On the whole then, don’t go into Iconoclasts expecting something revolutionary. It simply aims high with its plot and wraps a neat little platformer into the bargain.

Its not the shining light of modern 2D platforming games, but it’s still a fine entry in a genre bustling with outstanding titles.

Iconoclasts’ Soundtrack

Like with so many indie games these days, Iconoclasts boasts a largely excellent little soundtrack.

Not every track is a belter, but on the whole it features catchy hooks and melancholic asides. All rather upbeat.

Joakim Sandberg is responsible for the soundtrack, so this whole project was very much an eight year labour of love for him.

Well worth the effort, sir, as this is all a mighty fine experience.

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