Sharky & George: Crime Busters of the Sea (of course)

Sharky and George in the intro sequence to the TV show
Ta da.

Here’s a kid’s TV cartoon with one of the most famous theme tunes out there. And, oh yeah, it was pretty good fun as well.

A History of Sharky & George

Anyone who was a kid back between 1990 and 1992 has that intro theme burned into their memory. What a legendary tune.

The Canadian and French production (Sharky et Georges for the latter) was produced by CinéGroupe.

In the end, it went on to make some 52 episodes.

The series is set in Seacago, where all sorts of fish live (underwater, obviously). The show’s stars are indeed Sharky and George, who hustle and bustle to a noirish beat.

Sharky (A.J. Henderson) is the smart one. George (Paul Hawkins) is the dumb pink fella, essential playing out like Ren and Stimpy do. Ish. But without the extreme lunacy.

They’re private detectives who go about solving crimes in Seacago, such as working out where all the ocean’s bubbles have gone.

So, yes, the show is from France. But got a translation into English for various other worldwide channels, such as Channel 4 in England.

And we used to watch this thing early in the morning on Saturdays, along with Danger Mouse and the Earthworm Jim cartoon.

Sharky & George was created by Michael Haillard, Patrick Regnard, and Tony Scott. The three also served as writers for each episode.

Otherwise… we really couldn’t find a huge amount of information about this show.

It’s now a cult classic remembered by kids around 1990, but otherwise it’s disappeared off into obscurity.

VHS tapes of the show were available in the late 1990s and there was a DVD in 2005.

But otherwise… that’s it. No creator interviews. No fan websites. And that’s all a bit sad. Almost like something is amiss!

As such, we suggest it’s the perfect time to reboot Sharky & George to get to the bottom of this mystery!


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