Sizeable: Chillaxed Puzzle and Exploration Majigger is Fun

Sizeable the indie game
Look at the size of it!

From one-man indie team Sander Ambroos, this relaxing puzzler follows hot in the steps of excellent stuff like Dorfromantik and Townscaper.

It’s relaxing, but has an edge of exploration and all that jazz. You can get it on Steam and… but is it worth that mighty price tag of £3.99!?

Cute Puzzles & Searching in Sizeable

Thinking about it, we’d say Sizeable is more like ISLANDERS than the other games we listed above. Visually, it has the strongest similarities—along with playing style.

But all the above titles we mentioned do all fall into the “chillaxing” genre of city builder type games.

For all the chaos, destruction, and violence of many other video games, you’ll find there are plenty of intellectually stimulating and relaxing ones as well.

And Sizeable shows this with considerable minimalist flair.

As the player, you’re presented with a series of diorama stages. In these, you must solve icon-based puzzles through manipulative actions.

That’s where the game’s title comes in. You have to resize certain objects within each arena to work your way towards completing a stage.

Some of the levels have fun, clever little surprises. For example, the fourth stage features a campfire you can enlarge to melt nearby snow.

You can also enlarge a giant trumpet type instrument which blasts out a baritone note, which knocks over a tree.

There’s also a desert stage with a beautiful appearance, a cooling wind effect, and some epic pyramid things.

It’s all the little fun things (the thoughtful inclusions) that make Sizeable a pretty big joy to play. What’s not to love here? It’s all rather swoon worthy. Dinky fun!

And it’s all set to a rather relaxing and lovely piano soundtrack, replete with birds chirping along the way.

All in all, Sizeable is a dinky game. But one well worth your time, especially if this is your type of thing.

We found it calming, charming, and brain taxing enough to warrant a solid playthrough. And at such an affordable price, there’s little to get snippy about.

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