Cloudberry Kingdom: Colourful & Addictively Hellish Romp

Cloudberry Kingdom

Pwnee Studios in New York launched this addictive SOB in 2013. And we got pretty addicted to it on the Wii U.

It’s like Super Meat Boy (2010), but with a more cutesy and bulbous look. Even if it’s still as hard as ruddy nails.

Perseverance is Key in Cloudberry Kingdom

Jordan Fisher designed the 2D precision platformer around a series of algorithms that procedurally generate levels.

The title launched back in July of 2013 and we picked it up on the Wii U around that time. It’s a difficult SOB, but pretty gosh darned addictive.

As with other titles in this genre, perseverance is the name of the game. Not on the scale of Getting Over It, but you have to commit to each level to pass it.

Each stage is, in fact, rather short. As with other difficult titles such as the notorious Ghosts N’ Goblins.

It’s just to get to the end, you have to overcome a barrage of enemies and booby traps. Behold!

So yes, the early stages are pretty easy going. But once you really get further into the game, it points your platforming skills to the max.

And you will need patience for this. As death (many times over) is inevitable.

Why? Well, if you’re of the right temperament (and, unfortunately, many gamers are impatient, toxic bellends) you can get a big, satisfying win when you eventually defeat a level.

The final levels are a manic mishmash of bullet hell carnage and platforming lunacy. All rolled into one colourful ball of splat.

So, yes, it’s a simple indie game. This is where indies tend to excel as they have a strong premise on that deliver on it in panache.

Cloudberry Kingdom is a perfect example.

You need to get to the end of a level. But doing so is hellish difficult. Are you up to the task?

Well, if you like Super Meat Boy then this is definitely worth a shot. It’s something of a forgotten gem now, but we can recommend it for commutes and all that.


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