Tetris Attack: Violent Version of Game Boy Tetris

Tetris Attack on the Game Boy
Attack! Attack! Attack!

Remember Tetris? Do you remember thinking it’d be better if Tetris was under attack? Well, then this is the video game for you.

Also called Panel de Pon, this 1995 puzzle game was developed by Intelligent Systems. Along with a Game Boy released, it found its way to the SNES. Hurray!

Tetris Attack on the Game Boy

For some reason, Nintendo decided to make Yoshi the mascot to back this series. Not that you control the dinosaur, more just observe him. Her. It.

Anyway, the game works as follows. You take control of an on-screen cursor and you have to arrange coloured/icon boxes into horizontal and vertical rows.

When you match three or more, they disappear on you. You can bag combos in this way to generate a high score.

Various gameplay modes let you play along, or against the computer (or a friend with multiplayer) and defeat them! Mwahaha! And there’s a timed mode for, sort of, time attack style high score attempts.

Naturally, the Super Nintendo version of the title was more advanced than the Game Boy (which was actually released in 1996). Check it out right here.

Tetris Attack doesn’t bear much resemblance to Tetris, of course.

There are some similarities. But we should imagine “Tetris” was jammed into the title to encourage a sales boost considering the mass appeal of Alexey Pajitnov’s masterpiece.

To be fair to Intelligent Systems, it was very well received by the gaming press and got rave reviews.

So it was far from a lazy cash in type of deal. More a business decision that probably paid off pretty well.

The developer crammed a lot into the game, for sure, and we remember enjoying it around 1996 with much gusto. We had it on the Game Boy.

And we still have the cartridge! It’s just not a game we ever really revisit. Fun in bursts, but for us it’s all about Tetris. Without the attacking.

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