Van Gogh Alive: Visiting the Immersive 3D Art Experience

Van Gogh Alive in Manchester
It’s about the art!

Okay, Vincent van Gogh was an artist. Understood? Good! And his work is pretty popular. And that led to this Van Gogh Alive exhibition that’s done the rounds worldwide.

We went to see it in Salford Quays of Manchester, a place where we lived from 2011-2017. It was nice to be back! But what about that art?

Van Gogh Alive in Salford Quays, Manchester

This exhibition is the work of Grande Exhibitions. They’ve taken this thing around the world to Brisbane, Kansas, Mexico City, Lausanne, and plenty of others.

In England, it’s already done the rounds in London and Birmingham, but (naturally) those cities are INFERIOR to MANCHESTER and… yes.

Anyway, we turned up on Sunday of 7/11/21 sharp at 9am and entered the building.

We were then presented with some history about van Gogh’s most famous work, such as his self-portraits and obsession with the colour yellow.

One of the centrepieces is a lifelike recreation of the Bedroom in Arles (1889). Which you can sit in and have your picture taken, if you so wish.

Then it was on into the main room, which is a multi-sensory type of shindig with screens blasting out van Gogh’s work. Like this.

Whilst you wander around this area, classical music is blasted out to add extra oomph to the whole thing.

Now, as much as we love van Gogh’s work there really wasn’t much else to this exhibition.

The idea is to sit in the main room and take in the artwork and music. See below, with the first picture being the Bedroom in Arles display.

The opening section is intriguing enough, but the main part of the exhibition we found a bit underwhelming. Not worth the £23 and the music was way too loud for our liking. Fuddy-duddies that we are.

There really isn’t much to it other than the one main room, where you sit with van Gogh’s work projected all around you.

It’s nice for a while, but you could recreate something similar at home by blasting classical music loudly in a candlelit room whilst staring at some of van Gogh’s work.

Hmmmm. Still, we’re glad we went.

We got some epic merchandise (a tea towel of Sunflowers, oh my gosh) and had an autumnal walk through Salford Quays. Can’t complain with that.

Salford Quays, Geese, and a Chilly Breeze

Salford Quays waterfront near the watersports

Yeah, if you ever visit Manchester city centre then don’t forget to take a jaunt out of it. As Salford Quays is well worth your time.

It’s a very pretty area, with super pleasant expanses of water where Canadian geese, ducks, and pigeons frolic with wild abandon.

Seriously, they’re all over the place. It’s like they’re trying to take over the Quays! Anyway, the feathery little blaggards will never do it!

As the area is also home to the Lowry, which is Manchester’s main theatre. Plus, the BBC has it’s Manchester base there.

It’s also just a rather nice location to go for a wander. And there are fancy restaurants there if you get peckish and all that.

Salford Quays in autumn with the waterfront

Not that it’s encouraged, but you can also go for a swim if the urge takes you.

There’s Salford Watersports Centre offering all sorts of canoeing and swimming options. But you have to pay for that.

So if you’re really eager to go for a swim, maybe just hurl yourself off the promenade into the water and splosh about a bit. Proper belting!


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