Exo One: Exoplanetary Exploration of Alien Worlds

Exo One the indie game
Exo, exo, man! I wanna be, an exo man.

Exo One is an unusual game, kind of in the adventure and simulation genre. From Australian developer Exbleative, it took him five years to complete.

The results are gravity defying. Kind of like Marble Madness meets otherworldly ambulating antics where momentum is everything.

Exo One is All About Gravity

Available on Xbox One and Steam, this majigger launched in November 2021. It’s kind of the Tetris Effect: Connected of the alien space exploration genre.

Although there’s a basic plot to Exo One about rescuing some astronauts standard in space, the game is all about exploring berserk alien vistas.

You do this by manipulating the world around you, using kinetic energy to hurtle a morphing marble in and around the landscapes you come across.

Initially, that’s hard work. The control system to Exo One is decidedly alien and you’ll need to take some time getting to grips with it.

But once it clicks, you’ll realise you can hurtle yourself down mountains and peaks to gain a serious rate of knots on your ship.

Each alien planet has a simple goal. At the start, far off in the distance you can see a monolith blasting off a beam of light.

You need to get to that thing. To do so, you rely purely on the tactile momentum you generate from your little ship.

With that thing you can flatten it like a disc to soar momentarily, double jump, or rush towards the ground to generate momentum.

Momentum, momentum! It’s all about that, you see?

Due to its soundtrack and relaxing nature, Exo One often feels like a meditative rhythm game such as the exhilarating Thumper (2016).

Except here you have much more freedom and control to explore the vividly, weirdly created alien planets you visit.

But just look at the thing in action! Eerie. Magnificent. Brooding.

Although a short game you can complete in under two hours, if it looks of interest we can highly recommend this one.

Its use of in-game physics is unusual but rewarding, once you master it all.

But Exo One is primarily about marvelling at brilliantly realised alien worlds, in which you operate as a tiny marble manipulating time and space for visual delights. Neato!

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