MoroniCast Episode #10: Why Formula 1 is Good For You

MoroniCast Episode 10

The new Formula 1 season is upon us! 2022! Yeah! This weekend, the F1 circus blasts of again in Bahrain.

And this follows a mesmerising, thunderous, dramatic, and controversial 2021 season. Very possibly the best F1 season there ever was (despite the ridiculous ending)!

That’s why we’re here to rant about all of this and maybe, just maybe, make non-F1 fans go, “Oh yeah, that… er, sounds quite interesting.” ZOOM!

The Joys of F1 (and other postulations)

Look! Listen! It’s Mr. Wapojif! And yes, the sound dips in and out on this. We blame all of you on this issue! It’s your fault!

Regardless, F1 is back this weekend. And if that’s not your type of thing, hey… listen to me rant about why it should be!

Seriously though, you either will like it or not. But if fit blokes driving fast cars sounds like fun, then you may well enjoy staring at Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, David Coulthard (no longer an F1 driver, but stare), and others. As in, human females, enjoy it all. Seriously, F1 is much more female friendly now. Get in there!

Okay, that was a big paragraph. Away from that, we can point you to our F1 Spa 1998 and F1 Nürburgring 1999 reviews.

For the history of the sport check out Sid Watkin’s F1 book or 1: Life on the Limit. We feel the sport’s history would entertain a non-F1 fan.

But even if this isn’t your type of thing, there’s a series designed for your type of thing. That’s nice, eh? And it’s available on this random thing.

Taking in a Bit of Drive to Survive

Yeah, if you’d like to learn a bit more about the way Formula 1 works then turn to Netflix.

Its Drive to Survive series has been enormously popular and introduced many millions more people to the sport. Particularly Americans, who love the show.

It’s thanks to Netflix’s show that US viewership of F1 has gone shooting up, to the point there are now two grand prix in America. One in Texas and a new one for May 2022 in Miami, Florida.

You can tell why it’s been so popular in North America, as Netflix has really Hollywoodised episode layouts.

A Drive to Survive minute is everyone else’s half an hour! It’s basically a show for people who don’t know much about F1, but can indulge in some soap opera drama, elongated pauses, and dramatic head turns.

Good fun! Of course, for F1 fans as well. You get insights into the season you wouldn’t normally see. Plus, Will Buxton’s mansplaining is legit.


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