Cattails: It’s Stardew Valley… But With Cats (cute overload)!

Cattails the cat game

If you loved farming sim Stardew Valley, but figured there should have been way more cats in it, then Cattails is probably for you!

From Indianapolis, US indie studio Falcon Development, in this animal simulator you must master the local neighbourhood, catch mice, protect your land, and get to know your car-based world. It’s the adventure of a cat time (lifetime).

Become a Cat in Cattails

If you’ve ever wanted to become a cat and, more importantly, join a local cat community… then here’s your opportunity.

Abandon all your worldly woes and join this cute, fun, and light-hearted romp through everything cat-based.

At the start of the game, you’re abandoned on the side of a road in the countryside. Never fear! For a local wild cat befriends you, teaches you some catty basics, and then you’re party of the community!

Thus, in true Skyrim exploration fashion (see the video image below), you have an entire kingdom to explore!

Right, so this is all rather cute affair. It’s more like the RPG Cat Quest (2017) than Skyrim, just with RPG and simulator elements over the top.

Cattails doesn’t take itself overly seriously. And that’s where its charm offensive will win most gamers over.

You explore. You cat fight with intruders. You solve puzzles. You can even get married and have loads of kittens.

Cute overload, then, and Falcon Development (Tyler and Beka Thompson, a husband and wife team) has done a fine job to make it as adorable as possible.

As with Stardew Valley, the seasons come and pass. You can enjoy real-time weather changes during spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

If anything, the game does liberally take from Stardew Valley a bit too much. There’s even a caving system where you go down to gather loot and whatnot.

But it does throw enough new ideas to make itself stand out. Plus, you know… cats.

You can get the game on Steam or Nintendo Switch. If it looks like your type of thing, then you’ll sink many hours into this SOB.

The Cattails: Wildwood Story

Set your furry cat-based diary for Q4 of 2023! As Cattails: Wildwood Story is on target to develop the Cattails experience like never before.

Yes, it’s the sequel! This time around you lead a colony of cats into the mysterious Wildwood (it’s a forest). All with the goal of building a thriving town for all the felines.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it is for now.

The game isn’t out until 2023. You’ll have to busy yourself with Cattails before it comes out then, eh? Or just find a cat and hang out with it.

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