Sorry For the Mass Emails! We’ve Had a Technical Oopsie 📧⚠️

Oops - We've done a stupid

Hi there everyone! This is Professional Moron’s technical team. Whilst trying to be clever, we did something moronic.

Yes, that’s kind of the point of the blog. But we need to explain what’s happened so you can understand why you’re (possibly) getting lots of annoying emails.

Yes, the emails will stop shortly. Praise be! Just bear with us a short while, pretty please.

The Error We Committed

We deleted a bunch (50 of them, to be really precise about things) of old posts dating back to 2013 and 2014 (yeah we’ve been around that long, check out our 10th blogging anniversary celebration hoo-hah).

And now we have to load them all back up again. That means your emails will get annoying updates from us. As you can’t publish content without WordPress sending automatic emails about each one going live. We can’t turn that off. Annoying, right?

BUT! We assure you this annoyance will end abruptly.

We’ve decided to bulk publish them when we make the blog private, so the site will be offline for a short period of time when we do that.

We’re not sure if that works and stops you getting spammed with emails. So you get one final big surge of emails and you can just delete that lot with our humble apologies.

But the GOOD NEWS is it’ll all be over by tomorrow the 10th. No more mass emails! And that’s a customer promise or your shed back.

Why Did You Do the Stupid?

Don’t ask why we were doing it. Seriously, just don’t ask!

Okay, well we were doing it for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes. That’s when we realised we’d made an error. Basically, we’re repurposing a bunch of our old content to make it better and that’ll help the overall health of the site in Google.

We might even do a podcast on SEO so you can understand the complexities here and our flawed logic.

Honestly, we work in SEO as part of our day job. But managed to mess this one up good and proper. Our advice—don’t bulk delete anything. Do some checks first, okay?

Rest assured, some semblance of professionalism will return shortly.

Worst regards, the Professional Moron Team


  1. Don’t worry, I have no idea how long you’ve been posting anyway because all time has blurred into a haze for me. Last year may as well be ten or twenty years ago as far as I’m concerned. And I’m not even technically old™ yet!

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    • I accidentally republished my 1 year anniversary from 2013, I’ve been running the blog for 10 years now. I had a podcast for Saturday explaining where I messed up, I was doing SEO things. So, if you want to learn about SEO (a big part of my real job), tune in then! AND ONLY FOR $500!!!!

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      • What a deal! From all the ads I’ve had to sit through on YouTube, selling an online course does seem like the surest way to make easy money now — all you have to do is have some charisma and a total lack of ethical or moral standards.

        I had a brain cloud sort of moment when I responded too; should have thought “hey, this doesn’t seem right” considering I think I’ve commented on posts about Can songs you wrote years ago. I’d like to check out that podcast too. I used to use SEO keywords when I was working as a freelancer, but I never did more at the time than try my best to fit them into my articles properly.

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        • My advice for those YouTube ads is to get the AdBlock extension for Chrome. Removes them in an instant. Done.

          “Hey, this doesn’t seem right” – A perfect description for the entire blog. Hoo, yeah!

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      • Okay, calm down!
        🎼 Too many emails for erasing
        🎼 Too many emails for one guy to erase
        🎼 So I just comment, comment, comment comment, vomit – 99 emails
        uhuhuhuhuhuh – or so


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