10 Amazing Things To Do This Weekend

Calendar with all the weekends highlighted

At Professional Moron we’re all about enjoying new experiences. Just last week, Truman Trumanson went to McDonalds for the very first time.

He was in a coma for several days, couldn’t remember any of the event at all, but had this to say; “I will not be eating at McDonalds ever again!”

Not all of us are narrow minded wimps like him. Some of us enjoy new experiences.

Indeed, some of us actually seek them out! I switched shampoo brands recently and love my new lemon zest smell! It’s brilliant! Why, I was sitting on the bus just this morning and someone commented, “Fucking hell! Can you smell…. what’s that shit called? Melons?”

To which his friend sort of grunted. It was a jolly scene. So enough mindless rambling as it is time to get to the nitty gritty of this blog post—the actual point of my, Mr. Wapojif, writing at you as I have been all week.

Here we go! 10 totally amazing things you could, like, totally do this weekend for a laugh.

10. Lie in bed all weekend

Try and gain as many festering bed sores as possible by going on a marathon 48+ hour bed spree.

9. Attempt to read The Sun without vomiting blood

A tricky one as The Sun really is dreadful. Give it a whirl, though, if you’re a brave one!

8. Try and get excited about the London 2012 Olympics

This is fairly difficult to achieve but can probably be best approached by consuming half a litre of Vodka. Mission accomplished.

7. Eat 17 Big Macs in six hours

Go for a Supersize Me, Morgan Spurlock, Handlebar Moustache macho/feminine pride thing and eat SEVENTEEN of the buggers within 6 (six) hours!

6. Try and climb the side of someone’s house with a bucket and spade

There’s nothing like a bit of mountaineering at the weekend, but you do have to go a long way to find a decent hill to climb. Scotland, usually.

So, sod it, stay local and climb your/a neighbour’s house with a bucket and spade. Why these items? So you can make a sand castle when you get to the roof!

5. Drive a bicycle into your nearest pond/canal/river

Let’s admit it—falling over is hilarious. Falling over into water is almost as good as that. Driving a bike into water with people watching on bemused is one of the best things ever! Do it for a laugh.

4. Fall over in a supermarket

Although point 5 almost got there, this one tops the falling over world. Falling over in a crowded supermarket has to be the most stupid and hilarious thing you can do in a supermarket. Super!

3. Refuse to pay for your meal in a restaurant

Cause a scene in your local restaurant! Only pay when the police arrive.

2. Pick your nose openly in front of a crowd of strangers

Enjoy the reactions of disgust as your dislodge something gross from one of your nostrils.

1. Report yourself to the police for stealing a Bath Bomb from those chain stores called Lush

Cautiously hand over the bath bomb and apologise for your psychotic behaviour. You will likely be reprimanded for this—place this police warning on your CV and be proud!

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