Confusing Sign Confuses Professional Moron

Just what does it mean!?!?!??!

This sign went up in our office today. The Professional Moron staff crowded around to deliberate it. Emotions ran high and there were signs that most of us were trying our best not to cry. Here is a brief, verbatim, extract of the conversation:

Mr. Wapojif: One believes it suggests the prominence of the human figure through the arrow; the arrow is Gertrude the God of Arrows, and the human is running away from the Arrow spawn who aren’t properly formed into Arrows yet.

Truman Trumanson: What?

Mr. Wapojif: You disagree?

Truman Trumanson: I do, sir!

Mr. Wapojif: Those who defy me are also known to fear me!

Truman Trumanson: I, sir, care not for your threats and only for the cash from thoust wallet!

Mr. Wapojif: Wherefore thoust shall not seeth that one has not paid thoust in seven weeks!

Truman Trumanson: OMFG!

Mr. Wapojif: LOL!

As you can see we got a bit sidetracked. I have since been seated and have forced my brain to understand the sign. Clearly it suggests avoiding a raging fire by running away. What were we taught at school? “In the event of a fire remain calm and walk out of the building towards your fire point.” This sign is suggesting the opposite; “Panic and flee for your life!” We’ll run with that. After all, t’was it not Monty Python and the Holy Grail who taught us, “Run away!”?!??! Indeed.

Have some gibberish to dispense with?

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