Bird Monster Tribute

The Bird Monster.

We came across this evocative photograph of what we have named the Bird Monster. Just look at it. Ruffled plumage, evil stare, contemplative beak… why, if we were this particular Bird Monster we’d be thinking, “You know what? I think I’m going to build me a MASSIVE ruddy great big nest on someone’s roof!”

Now if you’ve read the Professional Moron blog in pedantic detail you’ll know we once had some pigeons living in our roof. They were noisy, cooey (no, not Zooey Deschanel) creatures that never seemed to sleep. We should imagine Bird Monster has a similarly belligerent family situation going on. Just look at the hair, for starters. A family of Punk lunatics flapping about the place and demanding worms and other food stuffs (cabbages?) can’t be the most delightful bunch to have ensconced in your attic. Still, you’re not going to argue with this geeza. Just look at those blood red eyes. There’s the old saying, “Don’t let them see the whites of your eyes!”, well this is a “Just don’t look at the Bird Monster!” type situation thing. Oh yes.

We love the animal kingdom here at Professional Moron and we believe the Bird Monster is the best beast we’ve seen in some time. So, “huzzah”, we say. Huzzah!


Picture supplied by the ever excellent Mr. Luc Viatour;

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