Exclusive! Proof Of How “They” Make Light bulbs

Truman Trumanson risked his life to get this photograph.

Ever been kept awake at night wondering just how they make those gosh darn light bulbs? We sure have. Really. Endless hours of brain spinning madness; is it warlocks, is it giant space weavils, or is it those pesky Donkey Invaders that plague our thoughts so? Well, after months of endless hunting and foraging, our very own Truman Trumanson came across the magical Light bulb Factory up in the sky. The name of this place? The Haggis Monster!

As the proof on the right displays (as it is the proof), it is actually wee human monsters who construct the light bulbs! They also appear to have even smallar welding equipment to construct the things. We’d like to say this is an amazing development, but having seen the film Borrowers we always knew these little people existed anyway. So what’s the big fuss? Ho hum.

Have some gibberish to dispense with?

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