Some Facts About The Pacific Ocean and Squirrels

A cute squirrel eating food amongst some bluebells

The first thing we’d like to establish is that the Pacific Ocean is bloody massive. Yeah?

It’s so huge it would take around 100 billion cherry tomatoes to fill it about a third of the way. Now we like tomatoes, but there’s no way we’re ever going to eat that many.

Not in our lifetime at any rate. Perhaps when humans land on Mars a single person will be able to live long enough to consume 100 billion cherry tomatoes. An accomplishment of some pertinence, we feel.

The second thing we’d like to establish is that squirrels don’t usually swim across the Pacific Ocean. It would be a first if one did, we think.

This intrepid individual, who we have decided is called A River Runs Through It, appears to be considering this most amazing feat for squirrel kind. Whether he/she is wise to do so is up for debate.

All the best to the beast if he/she tries it on. Interesting fact? Some squirrels consider tree sap to be a specialty.

Now we’re not thinking this will catch on in Michelin starred restaurants, but a unique palette is always worth sitting down for a moment and pondering. Indeed.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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