In Praise of The Monkey Puzzle

The Monkey Puzzle butterfly
“O’reet?” says The Monkey Puzzle butterfly.

It’s a butterfly, yes? Yes! And it’s called The Monkey Puzzle. Quite why we don’t know but, in the grand scheme of nature, it’s not the worst name we can think of.

The Blob Fish is pretty bad, whilst the honey badger (one of the most violent creatures on Earth) makes for a twee sing-a-long styled name.

Meanwhile the Hippo is just an out and out laugh! We like this dude on the right, though, despite the silly name.

Butterflies in general are pretty ace. *giggle snort guffaw* Probably because they’re made of butter! Maybe.

Seriously, who named them butterflies? Where did the “butter” bit come from? Was this individual sane?

A few appropriate names would have been:

  • Hideous Disease Ridden Winged Beasts
  • Art On Wings, Those Flappy Things
  • Bruce
  • The Fluttering Pretty Objects

All of these would have been suitable. Instead we have to think about delicious, artery clogging butter every time we see one of the things.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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