The Musical Donkey

Today’s all about this poster on the right. Seriously, would you expect Professional Moron’s Mr. Wapojif to spy this and NOT make it today’s centrepiece? Hah, you foolish fool! What’s not to love in a Musical Donkey? And let us not forget the performing geese and roosters; ‘twould be an evil, tragic day were they to be left out of this celebration of surreal happenings! So, as you can see, our general fondness for bizarreness has gotten the better of us once again. Alas, our planned post had been a beautiful soliloquy about life, music, spiritual disdain, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

No! Instead Mr. Wapojif expects to go to sleep tonight and have wonderfully vivid, vibrant dreams of Musical Donkeys braying a sweet lullaby whilst dangerous looking clowns force birds to do “entertaining” things. Barnum and Bailey – the world’s most psychotic entertainment show! What ho, jeeves! What ho.

Dispense with some gibberish!

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