It’s YouTube Video Fun Day!

An old-fashioned cinema film reel.
It’s YouTube time!

After a catalogue of issues yesterday from our trusty laptop (yes, we only use ONE laptop in our office.

You can imagine the belligerence this causes)… where are we? Oh yes! Well the problems seem to have gone AWOL today so we can finally get this post, which was meant for yesterday, owt. Enjoy, idiots!

Fun YouTube Clips for a Sunday

Yeah, it’s Sunday… and it’s late… do you realise it’s Mr. Wapojif who writes this daily nonsense… we mean, staggering genius what done and do you daily some marevellous good?

Yeah, well, he’s flattered but, frankly, he needs a day off every now ans then so he can have a good, long, hard about cake and cheese. Thusly he provides to you the videos you all need in your life to makes a bit more, you know, cake. Er, nice. Did we say cake instead of nice? We meant cake.

Anyway, don’t worry about tomorrow as we have these things sort of covered! Anyway, we think this post is rather marvellous!

Right, we have to fill this from somewhere and, frankly, this is a good bet considering the poor folk at the folk And, regardless, let’s focus here on the glory of being able to focus on focus on things, and it all ended a bit ace.

Check this, sir/madam/ as we’re a bit on the French side of things


Pagagnini be a troupe from Spain who are, make no doubts, very talented musicians in their own right.

However, they do wish to educate the young kiddie winkles in what music actually is (no, Justin Bieber doesn’t count).

So their musical education comes to marvellous use, and Ara Malikian (the chap on the far left) is an award winning violinist of mighty calibre. These guys? For the good of the world!

Oliver Reed & Keith Moon

The fact Keith Moon and Oliver Reed were alive in the same period of time is a pure accident. Shotgun or not, these two got on like a shed on fire. Both incapable of singing they, nontheless, caused utter chaos.

The Who at Woodstock

This is one very angry band being very angry about getting no pay for their performance at Woodstock 1969. After hours of debating Pete Townshend and co. hit the stage. At 3am.

After being spiked with LSD. This might suggest why Townshend whacked Abbie Hoffman with a guitar when the political activist interrupted their set.

The Stone Roses

A young Stone Roses performing what is, frankly Frank, their masterpiece track Waterfall.

Written by Ian Brown and John Squire circa 1986 in the dreary, hopeless setting of Manchester during a sewer collapsing era. Literally. The sewage system collapsed.

The Stone Roses Reform!

22 years after their last classic output they reformed. The chances of this seemed similar to God making a sudden appearance.

Luckily, and against logic, Manchester‘s lunatics are back! And if you’re wondering about the second song – it’s the same as the first, just played in reverse.

Chopin’s Rain

And here’s a piece by Chopin (shoppin’) to round us all orf. Tootle pip!

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