Professional Moron Wins The “Your Blog Stinks!” Award!

Our blog stinks

As we can’t be bothered thinking up a blog post for today, we decided to invent a Blog Award for ourselves to show off how amazingly ace we are!

We did get better at this eventually. Honest. All you have to do is check out our 10th anniversary blogging special. Much better! Less stink.

Then you can all “Like” our post and tell us just how amazing Professional Moron is, and we get a narcissistic high and we can put on our CVs just how much our blog stinks. Innit. Glory be, we might do this every day from now on!

Why Our Blog Stinks Bad

So what exactly are the types of stink you can find in the world?

Whilst we could crack on with scatological humour, here at Professional Moron we consider ourselves above such puerile behaviour. Wee wee, poo poo.

So we’ve considered such luminaries as; horse manure covered in BO, cigarettes sprayed with rotten egg perfume, and Eau de Toilet.

So, you’re no doubt jealous now. Very jealous. Seething jealous!

And another so. How can you replicate our Blogging stench? Well here at Professional Moron we’re lazy, stupid, moronic, daft, verbally abusive, and we only wash a few times a year. And why?

As we like to save water for the environment.

The downside is we stink. Bad. And we hope it wafts on out of the internet to win us further stink awards! Hurrah!

Dispense with some gibberish!

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