A Nest Of Diapers: Great Sayings Revisited

Now the phrase “A nest of vipers” generally means a group of iniquitous (morally abhorrent, dim-witted, stupid, silly, smelly) people gathered together being stupid. We’ve got this on the go at the moment in the UK with the UKIP political party (budum-tish!).

Historically it appears the term sprung forth from the frothing mouth of the Bible, in Matthew 3. Matt had clearly been hanging around with bad eggs, and as a consequence we now have a phrase which demeans the humble snake. Now some snakes can be utterly terrifying. The rattle snake, for instance.

Even if you’d never seen or heard of one in your life, if you came face to face with one of those enraged serpents you’d flee in haste. Unless you’re Bear Grylls, but that’s another story for another day.

We’re attempting to bring about cultural change on Professional Moron. The term “A nest of vipers!” is well known across certain areas of the world – particularly in England. This got us thinking: why in Grape Britain? We’re hardly a nation renowned for a collection of horrifying snakes.

The most hazardous creatures you’ll find here are: errant cows, sheep, llamas, donkeys, and angry wasps. Not exactly the stuff of nightmares. Indeed, and one can but merely retort.

“A nest of vipers?! I say, the phrase is numerically inaccurate and specious in regard to snake based populations across the globe. Old bean.”

Based on this assessment we’re starting a movement to change the term to “A nest of diapers!”, as we feel snakes are being morally abused by the anachronistic version.

Diapers serve a useful function for most people under the age of 20, but they generally stink and deserve to be disposed of rapidly. Thusly, we proffer to the British government this bill to Amend The Phrase “A nest of vipers!” to “A nest of diapers!”. We’ll see you in court, Dave Cameron!

Dispense with some gibberish!

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