All Hail Shovel Knight!!

Yacht Club Games' excellent Shovel Knight!
Yacht Club Games’ excellent Shovel Knight!

Right, we’re knackered tonight and can’t be bothered thinking of an original topic. All the fireworks celebrating Guy Fawkes’ 1605 Big Bang Theory failure have left our heads spinning! Instead we’re going to croon a brief lyrical stanza about Shovel Knight, a 2014 platformer for the Wii U and PC which uses ’80s era NES graphics.

It’s a delightful shift away from modern games and the obsession with hyper realistic graphics, and a reminder you don’t need to look ace to be awesome. We should also point out, despite the game’s outdated graphics, it’s been critically acclaimed and is even up for Game of The Year Awards! We’ve written about it today simply as you should go and buy the ruddy thing. NOW!!! See? Belligerent propaganda! It works. Failing that, check out Yacht Club Games for if you think this is your type of thing. Games, that is. If you’re as geeky as us you’ll like it.

Note: You can read the full Shovel Knight review on that link.
Another note: You can read the Plague Knight DLC review as well!

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