The Pot Noodle Easter Egg Is Here!

You get a mug with it.
You get a mug with it.

It’s a double whammy of Easter Egg based awesomeness! Yesterday we covered the Marmite Easter Egg, today we’re heading for the sophisticated culinary experience of Pot Noodles.

These things, if you’re wondering, consist of dry noodles in a plastic tub, with a load of powdery flavouring stuff. You add boiling water and, presto hey, the thing’s ready! As you’ll agree, this makes a perfect fit for an Easter Egg merger and, consequently, we have the Pot Noodle Easter Egg. Is this the very moment of food based perfection humanity has been waiting for?

The Pot Noodle Easter Egg

Not really, no. To our dismay this isn’t quite the innovative lunacy of last year’s Choc Noodle. It’s all rather tame in comparison to that almighty homage to gluttony, and also to the Marmite Easter Egg. Indeed, this is simply a chocolate Easter egg in a Pot Noodle mug.

The mug will make for a fun collector’s item (if Pot Noodle collectors exist), and the chocolate egg will taste like chocolate (as it’s chocolate), but this is a bit of a cop out. We can’t help but wish the Pot Noodle Easter Egg consisted of noodles in one way or another, or was somewhat more imaginative. Why not be more imaginative? It could have been a Pot Noodle mix IN the chocolate egg! Admittedly, when you added boiling water, it would have melted everywhere, but at least it would have been something other than a bloody mug!

3 out of 10 for effort, then. Next year, Pot Noodle people, try something unusual like the Choc Noodle. For instance, try a Hop Noodle – it would jump about like a rabbit which is, you know, in the spirit of contemporary Easter stuffs. Rabbits and chocolate. Noodles? Whatever.


  1. Will the Pot Noodle mug come in Easter colors? That would definitely be a huge selling point with the Pot Noodle collectors, especially those focused on Pot Noodle mug collecting


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